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The International One Stop Shop for Accessible
Tourism around the World


Do you get frustrated when you have to go to several web sites just to find a hotel or leisure venue which satisfies your personal requirements.

Well now you do not have to ‘surf the web’ to find these facilities. is an international web site designed by and for people with disabilities, which is devoted entirely to accommodation and leisure venues which are accessible to people with disabilities. For ease of use it has been constructed based on the following criteria:

  • The home page identifies the goals and motivates the user to explore further.
  • A realisation that the success of the web site is dependent on an individual’s capacity to use a computer and understand the information available.
  • The website can be easily used by a person with less than an average level of skill.
  • The website is simple with few menus and links and is easy to navigate.
  • All the ‘links’ are uncomplicated and easy to access.
  • The information provided is practical and is of interest to both the tourist and the provider.
  • Maps are used to assist in finding general locations, enabling users to choose places within a particular geographic area.  This obviates the need for excessive use of the mouse.
  • For tourists who use mobility aids all accommodation providers have been requested to provide digital photographs of at least one of the toilet/shower areas attached to the wheelchair accessible accommodation offered. These photographs form part of the individual accommodation panel.
  • Restaurants seeking inclusion on the web site are requested to confirm that they have a step-less entry and a wheelchair accessible toilet either within or attached to it.
  • If available, the requirements for people with hearing and/or vision impairments, are indicated through icons at the top of each panel

Legislation in many countries is non-existent.  In countries where there is legislation, it will not always guarantee a tourism provider’s compliance.  We are sure, however, that the web site’s contents offer tourists with a disability a choice between a facility that has been audited and/or self-assessed, and others that have not.

Inclusion of tourist providers on this web site is closely monitored and is only available to those providers who offer facilities (especially in the toilet/shower areas) which are considered to be accessible to people with disabilities.  In this way we are confident that the web site will guide and assist tourists with disabilities to make an informed choice.  They can be assured that what they are booking for is what they will receive.

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